Why the coronavirus is infecting financial markets?

20 March 2020 Coronavirus infects the financial sector thanks to three deep mistakes made after the subprime crisis. The financial impact of the coronavirus may seem disproportionate. Since the start of the year, around twenty trillion dollars have been wiped out in the global equity and bond markets. Taking into account the huge help coming from governments around the world, it is difficult to imagine a scenario in which the private sector would lose such a large sum of money […]

Digest of Our Key Views (Past and Current …) on Financial Regulation

“In 42 years on the financial markets, I have seen many crises. They are rarely the same. However, the system does not have a great ability to look forward, but rather in the rearview mirror. In my experience, governments and regulators solve the problems that cause a crisis, and often the solutions found carry the seeds of the next crisis.”          Larry Fink,  CEO of BlackRock, Interview with the French newspaper Le Monde, 19th September 2018   The […]